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check out these Legends 

Pencil Van Peters

Van Tattoos

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Van is a great and extremely passionate guy. His ridiculously infectious stupid grin and thirst for knowledge gives power to all those lucky enough to work along side him. 


Van has been cutting his tattoo teeth on the intricate “ins and outs” of clean lines and dot work, and while establishing himself extremely well with these elements, his strength and unique style stems from a background in both loose line surrealism and photo realism.


A great collaborator and creative mind, he is always ready to take on his next challenge and take your ideas to another level. 

Art by Dale Bigeni
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A wizard of digital and graphic design, Dales concept and execution skills are next to none.


From waving his Wacom wand to wielding brush and marker, Dales eye for detail and physical dexterity with his chosen apparatus are testimony to the monumental time and effort this husband and father of two has dedicated to honing his crafts.


With a client list that could have you scrolling till your hand fell off, sporting some of the largest names across multiple industries and a never ending workload, Dale (somehow) always finds time to help friends and colleagues. 

Often sharing tips and helpful tricks to industry peers, its clear Dale has the heart to match his huge success.


Rock through Dale’s portfolio and drop this dude a line! 

Dr Rhythm Beatboxer and Drummer
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Dr Rhythm has a reputation for being the man that can and will do anything.

As a kid he would vocally copy sound effects from his favourite cartoons and later began to recreate drum sounds. What could easily have been diagnosed as Tourettes or ADHD, was actually a Beatboxer in the making.

An experienced host and entertainer, Doc can keep the people glued to their seats or have them light up the dance floor. With a mic in one hand and the crowd in the other, blazing any stage or event with hype that lasts for days, it’s the Doctor who has the prescription..

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