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Murals and Tattooing - two wild colliding paths with interchanging visions, all seemingly swaying to a symphonic cacophony played on the strings of dreams.  

'Sprinkles', 'Sprinks', 'Sprinky', 'The Sprinkler'. This lover of lovers has you covered when it comes to weaving that gleam in your eye into tangible fruition. 

Australia bears the current stage on which our New Zealand born art conductor waves his Tattoo Machine  /  Aerosol   /  Air Brush combo.

Powering together contrasting elements to build signature style totem arrangements, summoning maidens of sombre beauty utilising intricacy and smooth shading, or conjuring a reach of elegant flora with dot work and geometry. 'Sprinky' swings a flaming lasso of line work and symmetry to ignite that 'Sprinkle Twinkle' and draw you in.

"Don't be afraid to own your tattoo. Claim your space, move with confidence" 

“When it comes to murals I like to add a natural element and bring the outside indoors”


Meticulous in detail yet gravelly in texture, you’ll find a 'Sprinkles' project brilliantly finished but never complete. The thirst is real and an undying hunger for progression keeps our man lean and limber.

Raw and organic, surreal yet grounded. Whether it's a first brush or a returning plunge, your Tip-Toe through the TattTulips is prime with 'Sprinkles' as your guide. 


Feel the vibe and ride the ride. 

All About Sprinkles