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Hi! My name is Sprinkles or "Sprinks" for short. I'm a full time professional Tattooer, Contemporary Artist and Content Creator. I'm a proud Kiwi of Maori and Cook island decent and after 20 years of living happily in Australia I'm now based in Vancouver Canada.

I Specialise in delicate black and grey tattoo work with a focus on representing Flora, Fauna and Women. You'll find my art style to be illustrative with elements of realism using contrasting values, line weights and intricate dot shading techniques. 


Over my 13 year career I've learnt a host of useful information that I'm now sharing on my YouTube channel. If you've ever wanted to embark on your own tattoo journey but have struggled to find reliable reference or guides, feel free to take a look and see if my beginner tips and tricks are a good fit for you. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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